In-depth Job Interview Prep

Intervyou In-depth Job Interview Prep™ for that key meeting can make the difference between full stop and the next step–get that offer!

The preparation we provide for interviews is unparalleled; when you go into an interview with our preparation you are confident, calm and ready for whatever they can throw at you. You are pre-armed with ready answers for likely questions and, at least as important, you have compelling questions for your interviewer–the best questions almost always identify the best candidates for the best interviewers.

Intervyou is a division of Buckley d’Elcano LLC, an executive search practice formed in 1995. We have, conservatively, prepared more than 10,000 people for interviews, many multiple times, leading to successful settlement in new employment. Buckley d’Elcano is a retained search practice and therefore always manages the entire candidate selection process, from job description formation through successful hire–we know who succeeds and why.

Have you ever asked yourself:

–How do I get past that first or second interview?

–When and how do I talk about money and other compensation?

–What do I say when they ask me why I want to leave my current job?

–What do I wear to the interview? When I put on a suit everyone will know I’m looking…

–How do I discuss gaps in my resume?

–What if I have to interview with many people in a row or even at the same time?

–How do I handle phone interviews? Video interviews? How are they different from in person?

–What if I have to interview over a meal?

–I know it’s down to me and one other candidate–how do I make them choose me?

When you benefit from Intervyou In-Depth Prep you will have a contagious sense of confidence that will separate you from the pack and allow you to

Move your excellence, on your own terms!