Intervyou™ Situational Assessment™

Helps you decide: Should I stay or should I go?

How does your current job situation compare to others? Have you looked at all aspects of your present employment situation dispassionately to determine whether and how to look for change? Intervyou Situational Assessment™ can help you examine and measure all aspects of what you have now so as to best compare and contrast your choices.

Thorough analysis of all aspects of your current employment is vital to making the right decision about whether (and, if so, when) to consider beginning the process of change.

The Intervyou™ Situational Assessment encompasses all aspects of your current job:

— Commute

— Physical location and immediate surroundings (cube, office, bullpen, etc..)

— Colleagues & coworkers

— Your relationship with your Direct Senior (Boss)

— Your relationship with Indirect Seniors (others senior who affect you, i.e., bosses’ boss)

— Benefits

— Privacy (or not)

— Tenure

— and, last but definitely not least: MONEY (salary, bonus, commissions).

When you tear apart each of these aspects of your situation and truly decide which are most important to you, then and only then can you go about getting what you really want in your next step and

Move your excellence, on your own terms!™