Recruiter Utilization

Recruiter Utilization teaches you how to use one of the most important job search resources available–the professional recruiter or “headhunter”.

Have you ever been approached by a headhunter? (and no, we don’t mind the term.) If you have been, did you benefit as much as possible from the experience? Have you ever approached a recruiter yourself? Intervyou can show you how to do so effectively.

There are recruiters for every business and they are one of the very best ways to learn about the market for you and what you do. The best headhunters not only may be representing your next job but can provide invaluable advice about how to go about getting it. Unfortunately, ignorant or irresponsible headhunters can waste your time and even irreparably harm your reputation. How do you tell the difference?

Recruiter Utilization shows you how to attract and get the most from your relationships with recruiters–learning from the good ones and intelligently handling the bad ones–know what to ask and what to tell every recruiter you deal with (and what not to!)

How can you identify and cultivate relationships with recruiters for your benefit (hint: and theirs)?

What are the most important things you should know about each and every recruiter you deal with?

How can you make sure you’ll be remembered the next time a headhunter has something appropriate for you?

What can you do if you are caught between two headhunters and feeling like a tool?

Let Intervyou™ show you how to best use one of the best resources there is for job search—the recruiters who know where the jobs are and can help you

Move your excellence, on your own terms!™