• What is Intervyou™ ?

    Intervyou is a consultancy for you, focused on your job change. Think of Intervyou as the “secret weapon” for your job change. Intervyou provides a suite of valuable services that help you manage your job search in ways that maximize your own earnings, satisfaction and career progression.

  • Why don’t you use the term “coach”?

    Mr. Andersen, my 4th grade wrestling coach, was an ex-marine drill sergeant…really. Seriously, I prefer the term “collaborator” as I think of Intervyou as collaborating with you in managing your job change.

  • How can I work with Intervyou™ ?

    Intervyou™ can work with you by telephone, video conference and in person in the New York metropolitan area. Often the best way is by telephone because we can email you a recording of any Intervyou™ phone consultation that you can play back on your computer…or iPod! and consult anytime you need a refresher—perfect for In-Depth Interview Prep!

  • What is the best way to contact Intervyou™ ?

    You can use the contact form here, or you can email directly to info@intervyou.com. Or you can click the “Call Me” phone icon below, enter your name and number and we’ll be connected immediately and for free! (Please leave a message if I’m helping someone else, I’ll get right back to you.) If you prefer, dial directly: 973 996 8282.