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What We Do


David Hays Buckley, the Lead Consultant and founder of Intervyou, LLC, created Intervyou™ in 2009 as the answer to a many-year dream: “I wanted to teach people directly about managing their own job change, working for the individual—not as a side product of our search practice.”

Intervyou is a consultancy dedicated to training and educating individuals about job search. We focus on providing real-world solutions for people seeking their next step into a more satisfying and remunerative job, using a proprietary suite of services dedicated to helping you find your next role and to making you the most compelling candidate.

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David Hays Buckley’s Intervyou™ is a consultancy for individuals about all aspects of self-managed job change: Self-Managed—active, not passive, intelligent job change. This is real-world, in-depth, focused advice about all aspects of your change process; from your resume to interview preparation, from telephone techniques to management of relationships with recruiters, from tailored scripting for your phone presentation to utilization of Internet resources, Intervyou™ can help you.

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