The Cloud and You

How Cloud Computing Can Empower Your Job Search

Cloud Computing is the hottest topic in Information Technology. So why should you care? Let Intervyou show you how intelligent use of Cloud Computing can empower your job search.

The Cloud, simply put, refers to the Internet used as a repository for information controlled by you but not on your computer. The most obvious example is web-based email, like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, etc.; the email data is accessed via your web browser but actually exists on the servers of the specific provider.

The Cloud is a huge resource for your job search, particularly your Covert Job Search. Not just your email but your documents (like your resume…), your contacts and even your calendar can all reside on the Web, available to you from any public computer able to access the open internet.

Would you like to:

—Store multiple opportunity-specific versions of your resume online, available at a moments notice?

—Submit your resume securely for a job you really want without worrying about email attachments being rejected?

—Set reminders for communication with contacts you make in your job search? Never forget that vital call back, even when your job search must be a Covert Job Search?

—Use the Cloud and your smart phone to manage your Covert Job Search — don’t use your current employer’s resources. It’s not private and not safe.

Let Intervyou show you how to use Cloud Computing to your best advantage in job search and

Move your excellence, on your own terms!™