Intervyou™ Valyou Assessment™

So, What’s Cool About You?

Many people do not do a good job assessing their own value to themselves and to others. Whether through the contempt of familiarity or lack of examination, many discount the worth of what they do, unknowingly undervaluing their own contributions. Intervyou can help you determine what you have that’s special and compelling and teach you how to sell this to others in your job search.

In order to Move Your Excellence, you have to really Know Your Excellence!

What is your value to those you work for/with? Do you really know? You have to tear apart all aspects of what you do every day in your work to figure out what you are selling to your current employer and what you have to sell to a new one.

The Valyou Assessment helps you to determine:

What are the special skills and talents you bring? What is the work product that you provide and how does it affect those you work with/for?

Who are your internal +/or external clients? These are the people who directly benefit from what you do and their happiness is vital to yours.

How does what you do influence the success of your company? If you did not do what you do what would be the effect on your company? Are your duties and responsibilities easily accomplished by someone else?

Institutional Memory, the accumulated experience and knowledge of an organization’s personnel about its history, procedures and methodologies, is enormously valuable and is often unappreciated or discounted. What do you contribute to your organization’s Institutional Memory and do you and those you work for know its value?

Does your job description have any relationship to what you actually do? Most of the time, we do much more than what our job description says we do.

The Valyou Assessment will show you clearly what you do in exchange for your paycheck,  help you get a bigger one and

Move your excellence, on your own terms!™