David Hays Buckley, the Lead Consultant and founder of Intervyou, LLC, created Intervyou™ in 2009 as the answer to a many-year dream: “I wanted to teach people directly about managing their own job change, working for the individual—not as a side product of our search practice.”

Intervyou is a consultancy dedicated to training and educating individuals about job search. We focus on providing real-world solutions for people seeking their next step into a more satisfying and remunerative job, using a proprietary suite of services dedicated to helping you find your next role and to making you the most compelling candidate.

An executive recruiter for more than 25 years, David founded Buckley d’Elcano LLC — a retained executive search practice serving the financial community — in 1995 in New York City, after building the retained search practice of Dryden Cross and Company, also in New York.

Says David: “The most satisfying thing to me about the search process has always been ‘the hunt.’ Starting with the barest of bones of a job description, finding the perfect person for whom the job is the perfect job–this is exciting and fun. However, I have come to realize that many smart, talented people have a very difficult time managing their own job change, due both to the way job search has changed over the past 25 years and to misconceptions about the process that are all too common. I formed Intervyou™ to give the excitement of the successful hunt back to the individual.”