Services for Young People

Finding your way in a challenging job market at the beginning of your career?
Are you a young person challenging this roiled job market? Do you know a young person who sees how difficult it is to compete for that key early job? Intervyou Services for Young People can show you how to set yourself apart both in person and in the virtual world–communicate well, be compelling and earn that next step!

Young people face one of the most challenging job markets in decades and are often terrifically unprepared for interacting with professionals as they seek the first steps in their careers. The current focus on virtual interaction including social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace), job boards, texting, instant messaging, etc., often leaves out the real-world necessity of being a compelling person, in person.

As an early career job seeker, do you know how to communicate well about yourself and your value? Intervyou can show you how to strike the right balance between confidence and cockiness, between compelling self promotion and self-effacing shyness.

How can you get that first internship so vital to your growth in the job market?

Do you know how important it is to be able to:

Write a compelling email that someone will want to answer?

Leave a voicemail that will get a response?

Look and act appropriately in meetings with people who can give you that vital next step?

Intervyou understands the combination of new ways and old ways that brings results and can give a young job seeker the edge needed in a terrifically competitive environment, allowing you to

Move your excellence into the job market, on your own terms!™